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Backyard and professional tennis courts from SWG Court Solutions are the finest modular tennis court systems available in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.† As your local tennis court contractors and builders, SWG Court Solutions offers the finest in tennis court design and equipment.† Whether you are resurfacing an older tennis court, or building a new tennis court, our modular tile systems provide you with a cushioned surface that is easy on the knees and back, and provides a medium fast playing surface that is less fatiguing than a traditional hard tennis court surface.† Unlike grass and clay tennis courts, our courts are virtually maintenance free. Our modular cushioned tiles have 400 feet supporting each tile along with 32 locking points per tile, ensuring the most durable and longest lasting modular tile tennis court system available.† The 6 expansion joints per tile ensure that our home tennis court system will stay flat through spring, summer, fall and winter. The small openings in the tile allow water to instantly pass through so that you can get back to your game as soon as the rain stops. So put away your broom and squeegee, and donít let the rain delay your game. Whether in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware, residential and commercial tennis courts benefit from the HomeCourt Advantage.

The HomeCourt Advantage:

-Installs over new or existing tennis courts

-Expansion joints accommodate expansion & contraction

-Bridges cracked surfaces and hides imperfections

-Cushioned surface helps to eliminate fatigue and injury

-Instant drainage means more play time

-cooler and less abrasive than asphalt and concrete




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